ODB employees are attentive and service focused and stick to strongly held values in the way we serve people and projects - these values underpin our stability, longevity and reputation.

We want to demonstrate original ideas, imaginative thinking, and clear, genuine belief in what we can do for you.

Your unique brief will be answered with design led, creative solutions, both in form and function.

Challenging preconceptions can lead to inventive and innovative new things.

Quality is the degree to which our service meets your requirements at every step throughout your project.

We strive for thoroughness so that we can provide you with complete information with which to make decisions.

We'll apply best practice where it matters most and we'll value engineer where it matters a little less.

Workplace integrity starts with honesty, decency and trustworthiness - keeping our word and being impeccable and honourable with our actions creates respect and professionalism.

Commitment to clients and their project objectives is of great importance to our staff.

You can depend on us to serve you in a reliable way and to act in your interests, first and foremost.

Relationships with customers, co-workers, suppliers and stakeholders are all very important to us.

Workplace integrity is key to our long-term professional development - it's embedded in our culture and enhances what we do.

ODB Group Services  

  • Develop Brief / Workplace appraisal & consultancy
  • Design (Architectural & Interior)
  • Mechanical, Electrical, IT & Audio-Visual Services Design
  • Furniture Solutions
  • Contract, Cost and Programme Management
  • Gaining Approvals
  • Project & Site Management
  • Post Project after-care & customer service


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Sustainability