27/09/21 - Article

The hybrid office - Make success your "New Normal"

16/07/21 - Completed Project

New premises fitted out for this long standing client.

11/06/21 - Completed Project

Multi floor transformation with this Cat A+ project.

23/05/21 - Completed Project

Well coordinated in-situ refurbishment delivered.

15/05/21 - Completed Project

New London office expansion for this successful international company

05/04/21 - Completed Project

Strict Covid-safe site operating procedures for this client.

05/03/21 - Completed Project

Remodelling of former industrial premises in this Cat A+ project

09/10/20 - Article

Invest in increased productivity through office design

05/10/20 - Completed Project

A third design & build project for this client in 15 years!

02/09/20 - Article

Office fit out categories explained

29/05/20 - Article

Workplace wellbeing is a great investment

31/03/20 - Completed Project

A flagship Cat B fit out and furniture project for a previous client

10/03/20 - Article

Staying on top of office design trends

23/01/20 - Article

Want to increase productivity? Look to your noise levels

19/11/19 - Article

Do your meeting rooms meet your needs?

07/11/19 - Job Vacancy

Experienced project manager needed!

19/10/19 - Completed Project

A fast-track design & build project for modern office accommodation

14/09/19 - Completed Project

A fresh studio fit out for the makers of Motorsport Management

22/07/19 - Article

How green is your office?

17/07/19 - Completed Project

A new look for this local authority on the Isle of Dogs in London

06/07/19 - Job Vacancy

Interior pitch designer wanted!

11/06/19 - Completed Project

Financial services company PAI Partners' new offices in St James's Square, London

09/04/19 - Article

The Dos and Don'ts of Ergonomic Office Design

12/03/19 - Completed Project

A design and build Cat A refurbishment of these highly individual office units

20/02/19 - Completed Project

A design and fit out of the new headquarters of this client

16/01/19 - Completed Project

A raw and stylish scheme completed for an entrepreneurial pioneer.

02/12/18 - Completed Project

A combined Cat A landlord refurbishment and Cat B tenant fit out

26/10/18 - Article

Open Plan: Dream vs reality

09/07/18 - Completed Project

A full service design and build fit out with new furniture

12/06/18 - Completed Project

A full and fast-track design and build fit out with staff welfare a priority

05/06/18 - Completed Project

A recently completed design & build project for a new beauty clinic

20/05/18 - Completed Project

A clean and contemporary design for this longstanding client

14/05/18 - Article

What does neuroscience have to do with office design?

07/03/18 - Completed Project

Design, build, project manage and furniture project for Rebound Group

18/01/18 - Completed Project

ODB's first restaurant fit out for Adore Remo at the Strand in London

24/11/17 - Completed Project

Full-service design & build interior fit out for Socar Trading (UK) Limited

11/07/17 - Article

Millennials increasingly influencing workplace design

24/06/17 - Completed Project

A full service, creative design & build project for Handle Recruitment

12/06/17 - Completed Project

Major redesign and refurbishment for Sony Interactive Entertainment

07/06/17 - Completed Project

New high quality office accommodation for Asset Value Investors in London

21/05/17 - Completed Project

New environmentally controlled facility for Caligor Rx

01/05/17 - New Project

ODB awarded contract for SOCAR new London office

17/04/17 - Completed Project

Mobile games developer Gram Games' new global HQ in London

04/04/17 - Completed Project

New London offices for US financial technology company Enova

06/01/17 - Article

The top 5 office design trends for 2017

03/11/16 - Article

How to stay flexible when designing your workspace

31/10/16 - Article

5 steps to a happy workplace

04/08/16 - Article

Don't let the open office distract you

01/08/16 - News

Sandals fitout shortlisted for ISG Retail Week Interior Awards