ODB Group acknowledges the significant impact that the design and construction of work places has on the environment and addresses its responsibilities in three main areas of activity:

Reducing the impact of its own office-based activities

  • Recycling 100% of recyclable waste
  • Reduced energy consumption through better management
  • Staff and supplier education

Reducing the impact of its clients' projects

  • Inform our clients about lower impact, sustainable products
  • Re-using of materials where possible
  • Advocating energy efficient building systems and services

Reducing the impact of its site based operations

  • Using Breeam and Ska assessment models
  • Monitoring waste management
  • Sourcing of materials and labour responsibly
ISO 9001:2015

ODB Group uses the standard to certify its processes and systems.

Our Quality Management System demonstrates our ability to provide consistently, products and services that meet customer, other stakeholder and regulatory requirements.

Our Quality Control measures maintain the integrity of our process and is key to the reliability of achieving a successful outcome.

We have been independently assessed and approved by Constructionline and The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.