Furnishing the Modern Hybrid Office

24/06/22< Back to news index

During the pandemic, office workers had to work from home. Some of us found we preferred this; others missed personal collaboration with managers and peers After two years, it's time to cultivate the best of both and develop the Hybrid Office.

Each organisation will have its interpretation of what "Hybrid Office" means. The balance between remote and workplace working will vary depending on workers and their tasks. Most of all, we will have more control over how we work, which is sure to stimulate a more productive company culture, where workers feel they belong.

Instead of "going to the office" each day, we will have different, user-friendly, options, each enabling us to do our tasks in the most suitable way. The new-style office will reflect these preferences. Dynamic space can be created using movable room dividers, longer adaptable workstations, shared worktables for teams of various sizes, and points for charging and connecting devices. Hybrid Office Furniture Design is an integral part of this.

Seating and work surfaces should always be adjustable for height. This is especially important when some workers - such as consultants and/or those who usually work remotely - come to the office even less often. They will need small, lockable drawers or cupboards, hooks for coats and bags, and convenient places to use and charge their devices.

Movable tables, charts, boards, and other accessories are also essential, and facilitate easy working in large or small teams, or individually. Separate rooms with different furnishings can be made available for specific projects, or for uses such as hospitality. We are all used to the comfort of our own home now and both staff and guests will expect comfortable seating, plants, and other pleasant features.

The old Conference Room can be adapted for small groups while still retaining the flexibility to accommodate larger groups. Screens need to be available for those who are not yet comfortable with sharing their working spaces post-pandemic and employers should demonstrate that they have considered those feelings.

Adaptability and flexibility are the key to success in the Hybrid Office. Appropriately-designed Hybrid Office Furniture will be invaluable in ensuring we can achieve the best possible results. Like the office itself, the concept of the Hybrid Office can be adjusted to suit your organisation's specific needs.