What does neuroscience have to do with office design?

11/04/18< Back to news index

What impact does the design of your office have on staff productivity and morale? The answer may surprise you. The phycological impact of the space in which you and you staff spend most of your waking hours is critical to productivity and wellbeing.

Over the last few years, researchers in workspace science have been investigating the link between the space in which we work and the quality and quantity of the work we produce. Some of their findings may surprise you:

Open offices are the norm now as they make the best use of space when, especially in big cities, space can be at a premium. However, new research suggests that open offices are not for everyone and there can be increases in output and collaboration when people have smaller spaces in which to work and mingle. There's no one size fits all approach to office design.


You don't have to be a neuroscientist to get the very best out of your staff with excellent office design, we can help you. Drop us a line now to find out how workspace science can help you and your business.