Office Staff Want a Better Working Environment

14/01/24< Back to news index

A recent survey has shown that about half of UK workers find their office uninspiring. For these respondents, the standard office does not meet their personal needs, and 84% are looking for an experience, rather than too much focus on the tasks carried out there. This shows a whole new attitude to work itself.

The survey reveals that fully online working led many to feel that they were missing out on teamwork, collaboration and contact with other workers. Around a third of workers say being part of a team is essential to them, making them happier and more productive.

Other workers, of course, want to continue remote working due to the increased level of control they feel but those who missed the social side of work feel they need the human connection to make them more positive and productive. This roughly 50/50 split in terms of preferred working models is a challenge that the office design industry is well-placed to address.

Modern staff want to enjoy working and have access to the best technology. There are some generational differences to be considered; for example, among younger workers, an environmentally conscious environment is a key decision point when choosing a new role. More broadly, workers in all age groups are keen to feel valued, and inclusivity matters at all levels.

Frequently mentioned aspects of office life which need improvement are kitchen facilities and the lack of quiet spaces and access to outside spaces for exercise and reflection. Hygiene has, of course, become far more of an issue since COVID-19; so spaces need to be designed for easy cleaning and provide reassurance to staff that they are not at risk.

How companies respond to these changes in workers' view of their working experience is going to be an increasingly important factor for companies to consider. They will need to be sensitive to what candidates are looking for in a job, and not just to pay and basic conditions of work; the working environment must clearly reflect the company's commitment to the wellbeing of their employees.

Staff who find the right workplace for them will stay in the job, identify with the company, and be the most focussed and productive.

Finding a balance in the design of your workspaces that meets the needs of everybody is a fine art - let us know if we can help you!