Maximise the Value of Your Small Office Space

09/10/23< Back to news index

Some organisations have always had small offices. Others have moved to smaller office spaces since the pandemic to save on costs as many workers continue to work remotely. There are a number of clever ways to make the most out of a smaller office space.

The key, as is often the case, is adaptability. You can find ways to make optimum use of every part of the office; asking staff who work there for suggestions is a good start. They will need easy access to everything they need for efficient working and are best placed to tell you what these are.

A large room can have various uses. It can be used to hold meetings, give demonstrations and even (with careful timetabling) for breaks and informal discussions. Even the smallest offices can make room for a few booths for private work, phonecalls or meetings and tasks requiring concentration. Use of room dividers and easily moved, adaptable-use furniture, can multiply the functions of a small workspace and give your employees the flexibility they need.

Efficient storage can also save a lot of space. Walls and passageways can be used for this, and there are even purpose-built units available. Your paperwork, office supplies, and other essentials can be stored neatly, but still be easily accessible when required.

Where the majority of staff use laptops for everyday work, smaller desks are another way to save space. Although it's been a trend for a while now, hotdesking is here to stay, albeit with enhanced hygiene for shared spaces, and storage for personal goods can be provided in lockers or around the desk area to reduce clutter.

Plants, warm colours and attractive designs don't need much room, and add to the pleasing environment we all hope to find at work these days.

Lighting is very important, and natural light is always best. One easy, cheap way to make use of this is to group desks round windows. While bad lighting can even lead to depression, good lighting helps people focus, relax, and feel happier, so it's worth providing the best lighting you can. If you really can't get access to natural light, LED downlighting is the next best option.

Attractive office furniture feels good to use. The right decor, comfortable seating and tables, and tidy storage will all make your small office space pleasing to your staff and have a positive impact on your bottom line. Contact us if you'd like to find out more about making your small office a comfortable and productive space.