Office Fit Out Categories Explained

02/09/20< Back to news index

If you are responsible for building, finding, or renovating business premises you will have met with the terms: Shell and Core, Category (Cat) A, A+, and B fit outs. For the many people who are not sure exactly what these mean, here is a summary of what each involves:

Deciding which is the right fit out for your company will depend on your future plans and the working methods which are best suited to your staff. You may need to bear in mind the needs of your team (check out our previous article for how to assess the physical, mental and working needs of your staff and design your space accordingly). It is also possible to introduce some flexibility into your office space to meet the requirements of current projects, then alter later to suit new requirements.

We would be delighted to talk through your requirements and ideas and help you to make a workspace which will maximise the creativity, productivity, and motivation of your workforce, ensuring a successful and profitable future for your business.