Invenia Labs 2nd Floor


Machine Learning
12 weeks on site

Invenia Labs builds machine-learning techniques to apply to complex decision-making problems and is currently improving the reliability and economic efficiency of electricity grids and reducing waste, emissions and pollution.

ODB Group has completed a stunningly impressive shell and core fit out for a very discerning client, providing unique and abundantly resourced environments, conducive to study and to attract and nurture the best talent in its field.

The result is a serene, shoes-off, homely environment that exudes a sense of academia, comfort and elegance. Research is in the air as you move from spectacular library to iconic lounge, where a contemporary open fireplace provides the focal point to gatherings and collaborative discussions.

Smart, energy efficient lighting schemes, integrated AV services and luxurious furniture pieces, are integrated effortlessly throughout, creating welcoming spaces for social events and meetings.

With a cool nod to biophilic design, this very "Cambridge" office is a space that once you've entered, you just don't want to leave.